Nothing new lately except that I think I've officially eaten my weight in chicken soup and christmas cookies this week! lol (some of you think i'm kidding! haha) I feel so crappy!!! (duh I know)

It's amazing how much nutrition affects the way we feel. I've been on prednisone again lately because my lupus was flaring up and anyone who's ever been on prednisone knows just how hungry you get! I'm telling you... if it won't crawl away from me I'm eating it! I always think people are putting on about how much they eat when on prednisone until I'm the victim. All of a sudden I find myself ready to binge on anything and everything.... there is absolutely no sense of having had enough. Do you know that it's actually possible to feel stuffed and starving at the same time??? I need to be restrained!!! I've gained over 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks and feel like absolute crap. I make the best homemade chicken noodle soup EVER (humble I know lol). I made a HUGE stock pot full on Friday when my parents were bringing the kids home and had like 3 bowls that night. Then I had a big bowl Saturday for lunch. Then took a really big bowl to work Sat night for dinner. Then Sunday when I woke up had some for brunch. And it was so good I decided to take a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE bowl for all the girls at work Sunday night. And *grimacing in utter humiliation* .... I ate the WHOLE THING myself! hahahahaha Plus a big bowl of chicken paprikash and 2 ice creams! (I'm falling off my chair laughing at how much of a pig I've been! lol) BUT I HAD A DIET COKE DARNIT! lol So then Monday there was only a few bowls left and I didn't want it to go bad so I pollished it off!!! heehee To top that off, at Sam's club they had big boxes of Christmas cookies on sale so my parents (ever thoughtful that they are) bought 2 boxes. So I've been pigging out. I'm out of control! And even as I'm sitting here thinking about how sick I feel and how full I am, I'm wondering if there's anything in there I can eat real quick before I go to bed. This is a very helpful drug, but EVIL! ugggh!

So......... I started tapering down the prednisone the other day and am down to 5mg twice a day.... pretty darned good! :) Should be off here in a few days. I just can't do this food thing anymore! HEY!!! Who's in the bathroom!!! I'm gonna puke!!!