Ahhhh! Finally home from work and getting ready to climb into bed for a whole five or six hours! *sigh*

Last night was H-E-L-L as far as work goes, but was very nice as far as birthdays go. I had to wear my "birthday tiara" all night....I kept forgetting it was on and kept wondering why people were smiling at me so funny. haha This is a HORRIBLE picture I put on here, but it's a picture of me last night talking to my soap & wearing my tiara. :) The girls at work got together and brought me in a FEAST! Didn't help my food situation any that's for sure! haha But it was awesome. Such love I received on my birthday from people in my life. One of the gifts moved me to tears that's for sure! I won't go into it here, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :) I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and say again what a blessing you are to me.

I'm going to crawl into bed now....have a blessed Sunday! *yawn*