She did it!

She did it ☺️ My Grandma figured out how to visit me in my dreams. πŸ’œ

I was working at a nursing home (I think). I was bent forward taking care of a patient sitting down. I looked over to my right and realized my Grandma was sitting right next to me looking at me. I stood up and was happy and excited. I said, "Hi Grandma!" She just looked back at me and smiled and said hi. It was that simple. ☺️

There was one other scene but I can't remember the dialogue from it. All I remember from the other scene is that she appeared to have an old, faded tattoo on her forehead. It was so faded that it almost looked drawn on with water colors. It was like a crown of flowers. There was a large yellow rose in the middle of her forehead and then leaves/vine going off to the sides. It was really rather pretty.  

meaning of seeing a rose in a dream: 

Very fitting, don't you think?

 In another note, after I had woken up and realized that I had dreamed about her, I was so happy and was trying to go back to sleep. I was just falling asleep and had this quick little dream of a dragonfly flying/floating in front of me.

xoxo v.