The Manifester....

As I travel down this road of life, I have learned certain things about myself.  Some things I want to pretend I don't know, but other things I like and some things just are what they are.  For example, earlier today while I was out at Target, I tried many times to lie to myself and pretend I wasn't going to stop at Jack-In-The-Box when I left the store, but let's get real... we all knew I was going to.  Even as I was backing out of my spot and steering the car toward the drive-thru I was thinking that maybe I would head home and eat something "healthy."  Then I pulled through and ordered a Deli Trio Sandwich (one of my new addictions, might I add). 

One of the other things I have learned about myself is that when the muse moves, I'd better be ready.  Because if I don't act on whatever I'm inspired to do, I become a woman possessed.  I get a vision in my head of what i want or what I feel something should be and then I don't rest until it happens.  I was once called "The Manifester" because I tend to manifest things.  I just make them happen.  And I know you've heard me say a million times that with Google and a credit card I could run a small country (and it's true). 

I started my first blog in 1995.  Most people didn't even know what a computer was or have one in their home, let alone have a BLOG back then.  I wanted one, so I figured it out and did it.  I didn't like that I kept buying these cheap smelling candles and knew I could make better-quality ones.  So, I googled "how to make your own candles" back in 2001 and figured it out.  I researched and taught myself and ended up opening a rather successful little candle business.  I still get rave reviews about my candles!  I taught myself how to create my own website and created all of my own graphics.  I then had so much fun making the graphics, that for a short time I had my own graphics business.  The problem is that it's hard to run all of the above full-time businesses when you're also a full-time R.N. and mom.

One of the other problems with having this as part of my personality is that it makes me rather impatient at times and WAY too independent.  Not because I don't need the help, but because I don't want to WAIT for someone else to help me.  Take today for instance... the deal was that if I sold the old appliances from our last home on craigslist that I would use that money to buy some much needed patio furniture for the back yard.  I have had a vision of what that patio needs to look like from the minute we first entered this house!  And believe me when I say, I haven't rested on this issue since!  My mind races and races.... where would I put things, what colors would I use, where could I string party lights, what kind of candles would I put on the tables, etc etc etc.  So, I sold the washer and dryer, which gives me just enough to buy an inexpensive set of furniture that I saw on sale.  Okay, so let's go!  No, I DON'T want to wait until this weekend when you'll have more time.  Let's do the damn thing!  Believe me when I say that I would strap the stuff to my back and haul it home like a pack-mule if that were a viable option.  It is KILLING me having to wait on someone else with the muscles and the truck to do this for me.  KILLING ME.  But alas, here I sit.  Wanting to get this done.  Of course, my mind has been racing, wondering if I would look crazy if I hired a handyman to get it here faster or paid the $60 in shipping to just have it delivered to the house.  Okay, yes, that would look bad.  So here I sit.  How can I manifest awesome things when no one will cooperate with me?

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
"With google and a credit card you can rule the world" That's hilarious. And true. lol

Ok, so come on now, let's get this "Blogging Business" off the ground and running. You were born to WRITE!!! (And make amazing smelling candles...)