The Conversation....

Finally Lifetime television has put something on the air that is actually worth watching!  No offense Lifetime, but I haven't felt that you were worth watching for probably years now.  But this?  This has to be my new favorite show.  And by favorite, I mean FAVORITE.  I wish I could wrap this show up with a bow and give it to every single woman.  Every week photographer Amanda de Cadenet meets with different famous women in the comfort of their homes to have a conversation with them.  As they sit comfortable and barefoot on the sofa like age-old girlfriends, they discuss every important topic that real girlfriends would discuss such as body image, men, favorite sexual position, money, etc.  

It's wonderful!  This show is exactly what I was aiming for when I started inviting guest bloggers to post on my blog. It gets a dialogue going and we learn from each other.  We inspire each other.  I so desperately miss my girl-time and having been away from it for three years now, I have truly learned and felt what a vital part it plays in the life of a woman.  Women need other women.  Period.  And I don't have that here and it's affecting me.  And I miss it!  This show is fantastic.  I fear that the season is winding down now.  I really hope it comes back for another season because it really has been a fresh and real take on the conversations between girlfriends.  Love it!

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Sounds like a great show!!