Why is this still an issue 47 years later???

Boy, the things you will miss when you are out of commission for a few days!  I come out of the hospital only to see that the debate over birth control has heated up and I have to pick my jaw up off of the floor after some of the things I have read.

First of all, let me start by saying... WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?  WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE? In June we will be celebrating the 47th anniversary of the legalization of birth control!  47 years!  And yet I still have to turn on my computer and see Rush Limbaugh running his fat fu**ing mouth calling those women who need birth control "sluts" or "prostitutes!"  And then we have Foster Friess, the billionaire that's throwing his money at the GOP side saying this....
"Here we have millions of our fellow Americans unemployed. We have jihadist camps being set up in central – in Latin America, which Rick has been warning about, and people seem to be so preoccupied with sex. I think it says something about our culture. We maybe need a massive therapy session so we can concentrate on what the real issues are. And this contraceptive thing, my gosh, it’s so — such inexpensive. Back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

Well, okay.  I guess this makes sense.  IF YOU'RE A COMPLETE MORON!

Are you kidding me?

THIS.  This is why I struggle to identify myself with the right wing and with republicans lately.  I am a republican in so many ways, but to be identified with these short-sighted, misogynistic cavemen embarrasses me and infuriates me.  You know why this isn't a "real" issue to him?  Because he has a penis and not a vagina.  Maybe if they took five minutes to pull their own heads out of their asses to identify with the women in their lives to see what the "real issues" were, they would know that birth control is not only necessary to prevent pregnancy, but for a myriad of other issues that women face... and YES, it is terribly expensive when your health insurance won't cover it.

For years, I worked for a Catholic health care system that would not cover contraception on it's insurance plans.  It was a big, expensive inconvenience, but I made do because I had to.  I was already the single mother of four children.  Can you imagine how much squawking these right-winged idiots would have done had I had more babies and then had to go on welfare or something?  Oh, I know.  I just should have abstained, right?  Just hold that Bayer aspirin between my knees and if my legs opened far enough for it to fall to the ground, then get myself out of there, right?  Because I'm a female, right?  I'm sure the guys get a different pass than the women do.  I'm sure they'd get a big old pat on the back because boys are just being boys, right?  Meanwhile probably NONE of these men that like to run their mouths would know anything about abstaining.  They're probably the biggest pigs out there!  They're probably the ones who have the concierge deliver "dates" to their rooms in every city they're in!

Then last year, when I was hemorrhaging for months at a time, causing anemia and other problems?  Hmmm, maybe it's just me but I think that had NOTHING to do with preventing pregnancy or me being a SLUT.  But you know what the treatment that may have saved me from bleeding to death was? You got it!  Birth control.  And a lot of it.  I had to take a months worth every few days... AT FIFTY FIVE BUCKS PER PACK! And only one pack per month was covered by my health insurance.  That means that the rest of it came out of my single-mother pocket.

What if we started claiming that no health issue was a "real" issue because there are jihadist camps to worry about?  What if all of a sudden blood pressure medications or anti-seizure medications weren't important?  What if it was a medication or issue that actually affected MEN?  What if medication to treat enlarged prostates or even VIAGRA were not covered by insurance?  I bet it would be different then.  Maybe then it wouldn't just be us "gals" that are all in a tizzy over issues of health care and this little thing called "equal rights."  Or maybe, the reason these chauvinistic pigs want us to keep holding that Bayer aspirin between our knees is so that we will be in a better position for them to keep trying to fu** us in the a**.

Is anyone else as pissed off about this as I am?

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
To imply that someone is a slut for taking birth control is LUDICROUS!!!!! Like you said, there are many good and valid and necessary reasons for taking birth control and I personally am very thankful that it exists and that my insurance covers it. What a stupid topic for a MAN to talk about, as if he really has any insight into the issue from a personal standpoint. It's insane.
Veronica said…
Well said. *shaking my head*