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lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
I love love love your video blogs. Feels like you're sitting right here on my couch just jabbin away with me. I confess, sometimes I even talk back to you when I listen to your video blogs. Jon laughs at me. lol

And fyi... I get it. No one has a right to judge without walking in your shoes first. Even though they love you and they mean well, judging you doesn't help. But I get it....and I continue to pray that God gives you wisdom, grace and the ability to stay or leave as HE knows is best for you and for His glory. I will never stop praying for this. I love you, friend!

P.S. You are wearing earrings!!!!!
veronica said…
Well, I know you guys like them, so I keep making them, but I think I look a HOT mess! lol

And YES! I am wearing earrings! :) You noticed! (you're the only one I think would) I pierced them just this morning before church. I had my hair done and then Maddie thought she was being helpful by grabbing my hair to show it in another style and totally messed up everything I just did (GAH!), so then I just pulled up the sides and said forget it. But then I seemed all naked and threw in some earrings. Probably won't see them like that again for quite a while.
Allison said…
Well, I think you looked cute! :)
Eliot said…
I get it too. I love you and am here to support, not judge. I trust your judgment...you'll know when it's time to go (if ever) and when it's ok to go back. You have a good head on your shoulders. He must be really special for you to be able to forgive and move on in the adventure with him (by the way I'm proud of you because that shows you are growing too). Learning and growing is what life is all about--and it sounds like he is doing his fair share of both. Do what makes you and your kids happy...the ones that matter will love you no matter what, and the ones that don't... well, who really cares? Life is too short not to take advantage of every opportunity for true love and happiness.
Barbara said…
I truly hope and pray that you find the peace and joy in your life relationships that you need.

I totally liked Paul when I met him last year and really want him to work past his issues. I am glad others can see him dealing with stuff too.

You didn't look bad - just tired ;)

Love you, Mom
veronica said…
Thanks for all of your support you guys. Love you all.

p.s... I am SO tired. I guess it shows.