Health Watch....

I know many of you have asked how I've been feeling and I realized I haven't updated you much.  Sorry about that.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I've restarted chemo and it hasn't been as bad as I expected (yet).  A week or so ago, I was really struggling with nausea.  I called and told my doctor about it, and of course she wasn't much help.  This doctor wouldn't get the best reviews from me because I feel that she doesn't listen and is too jumpy.  She already has me taking this medicine (which she struggled to get me to take in the first place) and when I asked her to call me in some medicine for nausea, instead of just doing that for me, she has the nurse call back and tells me since I'm complaining about not tolerating the medicine to discontinue it and she's calling me in a script for another medicine (one of the stronger, worse ones that I didn't want to take).  I just told her no thank you and to forget about the nausea.  I decided I would try to do what I could to make it a little easier, and stopped taking these huge fish oil tablets that I've been taking.

Well, by the next day my nausea was nearly GONE.  It was the FISH OIL that was making me so sick!  It was making me nauseous, giving me chest pain, short of breath, all kinds of nasty shit that I was attributing to the chemo.  So I quit taking it and things have been better for about a week.  Today?  Not so much.  I am not well today.  Major nausea, chest pain, stomach pain, dizziness, headache.  I hope it passes quickly.  I know it's just the medicine building up in my system, but in one week I have to double my daily dosage and if I'm dealing with these side effects, I know they're going to get worse.

On top of that, I'm starting to have effects from the prednisone.  I hurt everywhere.  If someone puts their hand on my back, I wince.  With the prednisone, the pain is always mainly in my trunk and upper arms.  Like, mainly anywhere a tshirt would cover.  It's like a sunburn that goes all the way through the muscles and into the bones.  It's not to that level yet, but it's coming.

The one bright shot is that the fatigue hasn't been too bad yet.  I mean, there's some, but it's not debilitating like the last time I was on it.  I used to get so weak and tired I could hardly get to the bathroom on my own.  I've still been able to function and work (*knock on wood*).  So that's it in a nutshell.  Other than the health stuff, everything is life is good (*knock on wood harder*).  Hope you guys are doing great!

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Thank God for progress...and for insight on your part to get rid of those yucky fish oil pills. Knock, knock knocking on wood that things stay good and continue to improve!!!
Heather said…
OI Vey! That does not sound fun! Praying for you babe. Wish I was there to help however you need it. Love you so very much!