Inspiring me today….

These pictures are all of one of my favorite color combos, light & dark.
But really, it’s more about one of my decorating rules to live by…
a bit of black in every room.
Seriously, it grounds & anchors the room,
and stops it from feeling like it’s going to float away.

View light and dark
View Full Albu

(p.s... I never know who to credit these photos to because I just gather them up as I  go.  If they're yours, thank you!)


Allison said…
I love black accents in a room too! I have black in almost all of the rooms in my house. :)
Sweetpea said…
I love white, white everything touch of violet and black would look lovely but until the millions come rolling in I can't decorate a house that doesn't belong to me... I will have my own one day! : )