Favorite albums....

"This is me... then"
Jennifer Lopez

One of my ALL-TIME faaaaaavorite albums!
Seriously, since the moment it came out,
I have went through two or three copies of it
because I wear them out.
I never get sick of it,
and play it on a loop until someone
threatens to shoot me if I don't change it.

Just like the title of the album,
this reflects who I was... then.
It came out in 2002,
and I bought it right after everything went down
with the "evil one".
I was alone, in shock and vulnerable.
It was a very tender time of healing for me,
and the more mellow, tender vibe of this album
reflects exactly where I was.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Sweetpea said…
Oh so that's what we call him... The song you have on here sounds kinda like SOS Band... old schooling... I still like Brit and Christina more...
Allison said…
Oh!!! I love love love that album too!! And I play it alot!!! In fact, as you know, the song that Jon and I sang at our wedding was from that album!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!