Quick update....

Okay, since I'm EXHAUSTED and
I don't officially have internet yet,
but one of my kind neighbors does ;)
I'll give you a very quick update.

Here's the short of it....

Paul convinced me after months 
of being a great guy to move in with him.

I finally agreed.

It was great....
for a few days.

By day seven,
he was sulky and giving me the silent treatment,
and telling me the best way to get along
was to"stay away from him
& learn how to keep my f***ing mouth shut."

I slept on the couch after telling him that if he didn't
fix himself and QUICK
that I would be leaving.

I don't think he believed me,
because he just kept escalating.
As if he thought he now had me where he wanted me,
so he could behave how he wanted.
His excuse was just that he had a rough week,
had lost his job,
had a knee injury,
therefore he could act as nasty as he wanted.

Nah.  Brah.

By day nine he was screaming like a tyrant,
cussing, calling me vile names...
all in front of my kids, mind you.

So, after I started packing my things
and sent my kids to someone's house for safe keeping,
I ended up calling the police
as soon as I started hearing glass
shattering, meaning he was starting to break
my dishes because he was mad that I was going.

They didn't arrest him,
but just their presence and intimidation was
enough for him to snap back to himself
and he was pretty much peaceful until I finished 
moving out a day and a half later.


How is it possible for someone to FLIP so quickly????

I guess this is the first time I can say
Thank God for post traumatic stress syndrome!
(*laughing* kind of)

I recognized this crap as soon as it started happening,
and pounced on it.
I can't say I acted all that great in the process,
because I didn't.
I acted a fool.

As someone once told me,
my defense mechanism is VORACIOUS
(and that person hasn't even seen me CLOSE to where I was at this point!).

Paul told me today that he's never seen
a woman stand up to him the way I did.

I told him it takes a big man to pick on little girls,
and I will never cower from him.

If he's gonna squish me with all six-foot-nine,
350 pounds of himself,
he's gonna squish me to my face....
but I'll be damned if I continue living under the same roof as him.

So, thank God for my parents,
because I had just sunk all my money into that house
(yep, kiss THAT goodbye).

I can say that tonight
we are going to sleep in our new home,
that's quiet and peaceful.

We don't even have a towel unpacked,
and I have to work in the morning,
but we're here.

Amen and amen.

xoxo veronica


Barbara said…
Thank God for the strength we can find when it is needed! So glad you were able to get away quickly and without further incident.

Love you, Mom
Allison said…
You're safe and you're together with your kids. That's what matters. Love you! :)
Dodi said…
Yep, I'm checking on you! Thank God you got out of that quickly! Glad your OK and AWAY from him. Zero Tolerance! Love Ya, your other Mom ;-)
Chell said…
I'm so glad you and the girls are in a safe, peaceful environment. And I am SO proud of you for recognizing that you all deserve to be in such a place. Love you. :)