Not for the squeemish

 You want the clean version or the dirty version?  Cause let me tell you, the clean version isn't all that clean either.  Today my little girl had her heart broken.  Again.  This is by the same guy who just a month or so ago, took me out to eat and poured his heart out to me telling me how badly he had messed up in the past and how he would never do anything like that again.  Begged for my forgiveness and understanding...yada yada yada.  As is the case most times when men are begging for mercy..... THEY'RE FULL OF SHIT.

Yeah, shortly after that meal, he pulled out a beautiful diamond ring and asked her to marry him.  And she said yes.  Today he came and said he "changed his mind."  To say she was distraught is an understatement.  So is saying that I handled it with any kind of grace.

Because I didn't.  Soooooooo didn't.  Here is what I left on his facebook.  Yes, facebook.  Kids these days (and most adults) function in facebook reality.  He wouldn't answer his phone (where I left him a voicemail that would make what I had to say on his facebook blush), so I wanted to publicly shame him at least a little bit and make sure he was very clear on where I stood and the damage he had done.

You miserable motherfucker! HOW DARE YOU BREAK MY DAUGHTERS HEART AGAIN!!! You piece of shit! If I were a man, I would drive to Tuscon & kick your ass myself! Didn't you sit me down a MONTH ago & swear you would never do this again??? Fuck you.

Not one of my proudest moments, but yet it felt so good.  Bastard.
xoxo veronica


Barbara said…
Good for you! Tell him for me too - he told me before I came home that he would take care of our girl. If I was there, I would hold him down for you! I am glad you are there with her anyway.

Love you, Mom
Allison said…
Still blows my mind. Well, as much as my heart hurts so bad for Courtney, I am glad that she found out the truth about him now instead of later. Sending her hugs and prayers across the miles.

~Aunt Soapie