On a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how angry am I getting?

What do you do when someone else is having a shitty week,
and they take it out on you?

Not just take it out on you,
but act completely stank and obnoxious to you.

This is my dilemma.

If you leave every time someone treats you like shit,
you'll never have anyone left in your life.

I'm a firm believer, though,
(and I know that I'm probably in the wrong)
that some behavior just shouldn't be dealt with in a 
gracious, all-is-well, you've had a shitty week, I get it kind of attitude.

No, sometimes people need a 
good slap upside the back of their heads
and told not to EVER act that way again.

What if the person doesn't respond though?
What if they don't respond to any of it?
Not even the sweetsie attitude.

They just want to keep acting foul
no matter what,
feeling entitled to act foul 
because of their shitty week.

Well, I'm here to say...


Approach determines response
and the response you are going to get out of me is
NOT going to be pretty.

xoxo veronica


Anonymous said…
I totally agree. That whole misery loves company thing may fly in other people's homes, it doesn't fly with me. Get over it and if you can't, don't take that shit out on me. I'm totally with you!
Allison said…
No one deserves to have things taken out on them. A bad day does not entitle anyone to be a jerk. It means that you just have to find a way to either rise above it or isolate yourself so that other people aren't unfairly affected.
Adwen's Hollow said…
I agree with Allison. There is no good reason to take a bad attitude out on others. Sorry you have to go through this. Love you girl!