On our way

Sometimes in life there are days when the darkest storms are brewing and no matter what direction you look you can't see anything but black. No rest for the very weary...no choice but to keep on pressing on looking for a soft place to fall. Yesterday was one of those days for me...I was in a haze of my own hormones and Scott wasn't in the best mood either...which made us not so great a combination if you know what I mean. It got pretty bad through the early afternoon then we retreated to our separate corners to chill out, pray pray pray and sulk. By evening we were barely speaking, but we had hugged and reminded each other that we love each other and by bedtime we were moving into the healing stages....and then today was a REALLY GOOD DAY.

I don't have days like that very often lately so I have to give praise. lol I have so-so days and not-so-bad days, but today was just such a sweet day to me. The clouds had cleared and the sun of life was shining so mildly and sweetly into our lives. Sometimes fighting that hard with all it's cut and hardness and rudeness has a way of dulling our knives. Once the fighting is over you just don't have anymore in you....what you're left with is humility and regret. Definitely a softer more gentler version of yourself. Hard edges become softer. Loud thundering voices become quieter. Bodies that were so animated with pointing fingers and slamming fists suddenly just want to be held. It's unfortunate that the sweetness of today had to come from the ruins of yesterday....but hopefully it will be used for good and growth. I spent the morning staring into the eyes of my husband and just reminding each other that "yes, I still love you. You're still the one I choose." I thank God for him. Hopefully every day we will continue to grow from the newly weds we are into a mature, healthy relationship. I have no doubt we'll have set backs, but I think we're on our way...I finally have such a good man.