My day

Seriously, sometimes I really do think that I could tell my life's story in icons. I LOVE them! I could look through them for hours and hours. I finally quit putting new ones on my myspace page because if I put all of them on there that I liked my page would be a mile long. Some of them are sad, some inspiring and some just crack me the one that says "Don't hit kids! No, seriously. They have guns now." lol so funny. So that sums up my evening...looking at icons and redoing my myspace huh? I found the perfect background for me right now. I have been in a semi-depressed, sultry, needing some love, attention and some good booty mood. I had been thinking about one of my friends pages whose caption was "looking for my butterflies"...because I'm feeling that way alot lately. So anyways, I had a vision in my mind of something deep red/black/some kind of dark and sultry background...and I found one right away...and it has a butterfly in the background...perfect! And I found a song to fit my mood right away too....I love it when the universe aligns for me like that. lol Seriously...isn't it funny how little things like that can make our day?

Other than that nothing big happened today....I'm still fighting a cold. We took the girls ice skating and then went to goodwill to browse for crap we don't need. I watched a woman make off with a beautiful Tiffany-style lamp with a gorgeous blue shade for FIVE DOLLARS!!! Bitch! Sorry, did I say that out loud? I was totally hating on her. I never find anything that good at Goodwill. Scott can find something everytime we go. He's going crazy not working and being in a stressful house and in the final stages of quitting smoking, so he needs LOTS of things to tinker with. He needs to fix things...get his hands a man. Sometimes I amuse myself the way I get turned on by watching him do things like that. I don't think there's anything he can't fix...he just dives in and strips things apart, moves this, twists that, puts it back together and's fixed! The way he so confidently moves his hands and knows just where and what to touch....that's my entertainment for the evening... I just wish he'd take the time to tinker with me like that more often! *SIGH*