How do I love thee?

I've never had a valentine before. Yeah, I've been married twice and had plenty of boyfriends, but never a valentine (at least I didn't think so). The closest I came is when I received that big vase of tulips last year...but that didnt' last long did it? lol That's ok though because it was ALL worth it in the end...I have a GREAT life! Even with all of the kid-struggles and newlywed-trying-to-get-used-t0-each-other struggles, I can't sing from the mountain-top loud enough........

With this new wonderful outlook on my life I've decided to have a wonderful new outlook on valentines day...I want to start taking the opportunity every single year to celebrate every single valentine in my life. My children, my husband, my family, my friends...everyone who has a place in my heart. I want you all to know exactly what you mean to me, how pretty I think you all are, how handsome I think my husband is, how smart and capable you all are, how much you inspire me, how much fun I have with all of you and how much you make me laugh....the whole shebang! I am BLESSED to be surrounded by some of the most AWESOME people in the world!! People I never thought I would even meet from other areas...but I have...and now you're in my world and you're all awesome! :)