Late valentine

When yesterday didn't go anything like I was hoping for I have to admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself and decided that I wasn't going to write this blog since I know Scott won't read it anyways. Well, I decided that I don't care if he ever reads it or not...I'm going to write it anyways. Maybe not as long and involved as I first thought, but at least something written as an ode to my valentine. Not just my valentine, but my forever valentine. The one that I will wake up to every day for the rest of our lives. The one who's hand reaches for mine under the covers at night. The one I can spend countless and endless hours with laying in bed watching tv. The man who's voice I can't wait to hear on the other end of the phone. I love finding little poems from you in my messages or on my desk. I may not always love every thing you do or say, but I always love you. I may hate fighting with you but there's no one on this earth that I'd rather fight with....because I know that you're as committed as I am to making our lives better and growing and learning from things. I love when you pray with me. I love when you take our family to church and in the midst of worshipping you have one hand raised to God and one hand reaching to hold mine. You teach me so many things and I hope you can learn from me too. I love you to the stars and back and I don't mind every new day that comes now because I know I'm with you. When I said my vows to you I meant every single word that I said and so I'm going to copy them on here as a reminder to us both...

Scott to Veronica:

"Veronica, I love you. Today is a very special day. Long ago you were just a dream and a prayer. This day is like a dream come true... the Lord himself has answered that prayer. I thank Jesus for the honor of going through life with you. Thank you for being what you are to me. With our future as bright as the promises of God, I will care for you, honor you and protect you. I lay down my life for you, Veronica, my friend and my love."

Veronica to Scott:

"Scott, I dreamed about you for so many years wondering where you were and if I'd ever see you again...and here you are. To marry the person you have set your heart upon from the very beginning is rare and I'm so grateful for the gift from God that is you. I choose you to be my friend, my lover, the father of my children and my husband... loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know. Though life may not always be as perfect as it is at this moment, I vow to always keep my love as pure as it is today. I promise to try not to be quick to anger. I promise to keep a sense of humor. I promise to keep the good memories alive and let the bad ones die. I vow to be patient with you and the circumstances in our lives. And I promise to always act in your absence as I would in your presence. Sometimes you see yourself and your body as broken...but in my eyes you are perfect...perfect for me. I promise to encourage your compassion, because in you I see a servant's heart. I promise to nurture your dreams, because they are what make you unique and wonderful. I promise to help shoulder our challenges, because together we will be better than we could be alone. I love you."

Forever and ever amen.