A louder yes

Well it's happened...my quiet "yes" has gotten louder. When Scott first asked me to marry him I said "yes", but quietly...if that makes any sense. I was still kind of in shock and was still thinking and praying about it. I didn't tell anyone right away...not even my parents or kids. I was keeping it to myself...at least for the time-being. I really don't know why, that's just the way that I work. I'm open about everything in my life...but only after I've processed it and digested it...and the other night at work out of the blue and with a bang it hit me. I sent Scott a text message and said "So when do you want to get married? xoxoxo"

So now it's on! The stress that is. I've forgotten what a pain in the butt wedding planning is! YIKES. I'm not complaining...I'm grateful for the opportunity...BUUUUUTTTTT........... lol
See, I had been convinced that if I ever got married again that I wanted to elope and not even have a wedding per se. But Scott has never had a wedding...only justice of the peace...and so he has his heart set on having a wedding. *sigh* I'm more than happy to have one, but now to plan an intimate, charming, elegant, SMALL, inexpensive wedding......BY NOVEMBER...is gonna be tough!

So please pray for me! Today looking on the internet trying to figure out where to have this thing at has already sapped some of the romanticism and optimism from me...I NEED INSPIRATION!!! I wish more of you guys were from around here so that I could have help figuring things out and could get some good ideas!!! I'm all alone here....and I'm feeling it! This is when a girl needs her friends most...I'm really missing you all right now!