All warm and fuzzy

I've gotta tell you...I just can't get over how good life is lately! Of course with all the normal I-could-use-more-money-sleep-and-time stuff aside. Everything else is G-R-E-A-T. My kids have been SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! lol I've been feeling pretty good. Aside from the mini-meltdown the other night, everything with Scott is FABULOUS. Randy and I are getting along. Last night (the first of three-in-a-row) work was AMAZING. Not even ONE call light of mine went off all night long!!! That's unheard of. I had only three patients and all of them were independent and could take care of themselves and slept like babies all night long. I actually had to crack their door open and stare at the blankets to make sure they were breathing a couple of times. lol Is this the calm before the storm? I sure hope not. I hope it lasts for a little while. But boy is it nice! I'm just happy. Plain and simple. And it's been so long since I could say that. :) It feels good.