Tonight I'm back at work. It was such a wonderful ten days off. I'm totally jealous of Rachel who gets all summer off man!!! Let me tell you, it was G-R-E-A-T. Especially with Scott here. We've gotten so much done. First of all, the kids have been gone and so it's been peaceful and restful. lol I love them, but...ahhhhhhh. Second of all, we got the storage building cleaned out, lightbulbs changed (sounds funny, but they've needed done forever lol), and he got soooooooo much done around the yard. His nickname is Macgyver for a reason! lol He has been such a blessing to me. He has been so selfless in his giving. He has such a servants heart and it is such a blessing to me to be around someone like that. I'm usually the one giving around here and to have someone actually going above and beyond just to bless me is such an odd but wonderful feeling. He even found a ditch full of beautiful wildflowers and dug some of them up just so he could come and plant them for me in my back flower bed because he knew that they were my favorite.
As usual, the other person living in the house hasn't contributed much, but I didn't expect him to. A servants heart is definitely not one of his personality traits unfortunately. Oh well. What goes around comes around...and not just for him so I'm certainly not judging.
Today Scott rented a place here in town. After coming to visit, he decided that he didn't want to go back. He wants to be close to me and the kids so that he can get to know them better and we can be near each other. I'm so excited. I get choked up just thinking about it. All-in-all, it's been an amazing ten days and as sad as I am to be back at work, I know that my batteries (mind, body and soul) were well re-charged. God is so good...on the good AND on the bad days.