Twin Flames...

I've always known of the expression "Twin Flame" and knew it was a thing, but never really gave it much thought.  That is until earlier this year when I was talking to my guide and asking why this thing with Collin is still just as strong and never seems to change.  Now, understand that things have changed.  It is totally different, yet totally the same.

Let me explain.  See, in the beginning when things didn't work out, I was left bereft.  I was numb and empty and beyond heartbroken. I felt like half of me had been ripped away.  After doing the work to heal that part of things, plus a lot of work on myself, it is no longer that way.  Not at all.  I have come to realize that I love him with a love that doesn't require possession.  I completely accept that he has other love commitments to fulfill.  I always understood that, but now I understand it and am completely comfortable with that.  Just knowing he exists in the world makes it a better place and I pray for him, his marriage, his family, his health, etc.  all the time.  I wish nothing but love and light for them.

What has not changed is the intensity with which I love him.  It's not a possessive or obsessive love, not at all.  It's a love that is pure and deeply unconditional.  I just accept him for who he is and there is nothing he could ever do that would change that one bit.  It's more of a divine love.

Okay, so now that that's out of the way, on with the story.  When I was talking to my guides about this earlier this year, I was told this is because he is my Twin Flame.  I was just like, "Oh that's cool.  He's my 'Soul Boo'."  lol  I didn't really know what it meant.

So this week, I was talking to my guide.  Our conversations more frequently than not go something like this:
V: So, I really won't get to be with Collin at all in this lifetime, huh?
Spomie: No
V: *sigh* I love him.
Spomie: *softly* I know.

He validates and then just leaves it there.  So this week I followed it up with...
V: So, did you know what effect meeting him would have on me?
S: Yes.
V: Do we always have the same affect on each other when we meet in various lifetimes?
S: Yes.
V:  Were you like, "Oh boy, here we go..."
S: No.
V: Was this something that was supposed to happen and you knew how it would change us, so you guys were like, "Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, he we go!"? 
S: Yes.

Later that day I was talking to a friend and she asked...if they knew what would happen, why would it be in your plan to meet?  My response was a shrug of shoulders and, "I don't know.  To learn lessons and stuff I guess."  Later, I began researching Twin Flames on Google and YouTube.  Holy crap there is a lot of stuff out there on them!  It's like a whole thing!  At first this freaked me out and I got a little skeptical.

V: Spomie this is like a whole thing.
S: Yes
V: But is it really that big of a deal?
S: Yes
V: Doesn't everyone have a Twin Flame?
S: No
V: So these people aren't making more of it than it needs to be?  
S: No
V: Will it benefit me to learn about this?
S: Yes

Wow, okay.  So I dove in.  After diving in, things started to make SO MUCH sense!  Everything they were saying about Twin Flames I totally got because I had experienced it!  I get it now.  I get why it happened the way it did, it felt the way it did, why we are connected the way we are.  I get it.  I'll share some of what I learned.

Basically, when a soul evolves to a certain vibrational frequency, it is a lot to handle, so it splits into two.  Each part is a direct mirror of the other, like yin and yang.  One of you will carry the divine feminine energy and one of you the divine male energy.  This doesn't necessarily mean that if a man has the feminine energy he is effeminate and vice versa.  It means that the feminine (yin) tends to deal more with emotions and tends to go inward (emotional self).  While the masculine (yang) tends to be more action oriented...hunters, hard-workers with their physical bodies.  It's outward action.

Your twin is the only soul that vibrates at your exact frequency...always.  Basically they are you.  One of your combined goals is to work on yourselves, raising your frequencies back up and to develop that part of yourself that is now missing. 

Collin used to say in amazement, "I've never met anyone whose brain works so similarly to mine.  You really are like the female version of me."  I used to say, "God cut us from the same cloth, just using different patterns." I can't believe how right we were.

Whether you are near each other or not, if one twin grows/evolves spiritually the other reaps the benefits. They just don't know what they are experiencing and/or they just think life is going great.

First of all, Twin Flames and Soul Mates are two different things.  A soul mate is a lower intensity connection.  They may or may not be a mate for you, but they come to help you learn lessons, offer comfort and love.  Twin flames are an ultra-high intensity and bring fast-acting evolution.

Things to know about Twin Flame Relationships:

1.  These relationships are always unconventional.  One person may be taken or may be a runner.  You come together through a set of circumstances that usually takes some explaining.  It's not simple.  For one reason or another, you can't be together, but you can never stay away from each other either.  Even if it is years between meetings, you are still connected.

2.  You are drawn together so magnetically, it is hard to explain or resist.

3.  You feel at home with this person in way you never have with anyone else.  This doesn't mean you don't love other people or feel comfortable with them, but this is a whole other level.  You feel free to be yourself and are unconditionally accepted by this person.  You can tell them anything and there is nothing you feel you can't discuss.

4.  Time doesn't pass.  When you meet again, you pick up right where you left off.

5.  There is a deep level of understanding between the two of you.  You simply get and understand each other.  You don't carry hard feelings forward, only love and acceptance because you understand the other person on a soul level.

6.  You dream of each other.

7.  Sometimes one or both of you may run from or deny this relationship because it can be disconcerting or embarrassing to admit how strong the attraction and attachment is.  Perhaps one or both of you are already in a relationship.  Or suppose you are heterosexual and suddenly you feel an intense connection to someone of the same sex.  Perhaps there is a huge age difference.

8.  It feels like the most natural thing in the world to show this person love and affection.

9.  Their physical presence or even the sound of their voice on the phone affects you viscerally.  Hearing their voice on the phone can actually lower your blood pressure and make you feel comforted.

10.  You aren't afraid to be honest or vulnerable with this person (from the very beginning).  You know they will accept you no matter what you share, and you feel safer sharing your dark secrets with this person than you ever have with anyone else.

11. You are deeply attracted to them on every level.

12.  You feel connected to them even when you're apart.  They are always on your radar.

13.  Anyone within 50 feet of the two of you can feel your chemistry and attraction.

14.   THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE.  This relationship spurs spiritual growth in you, even after you are no longer together.  Your life will never be the same after meeting this person.  This is a relationship of alchemy.  It is a changing force in your life where nothing (most of all you) is the same after it.  You can delineate time periods of your life as BEFORE this person and AFTER this person (not in a bad way though).  This is because the reason for this relationship is that you activate each other.  You activate each other's spiritual growth.

This relationship guarantees a fast-track evolution.  It will cause all of your major issues to come to the surface so that you can heal them once and for all.  The intensity and how quickly it changes your life is what differentiates this from other types of relationships.  The job of your twin is to spur you toward your life's mission. Their flame will burn away things in you that need to change such as bad habits, resistance, blockages, etc.  It takes care of old karma (this is a VERY old relationship).  Any behavior or blockage that is standing in your way or keeping you from your highest and best will be worked out from the changes brought about by this relationship.

Sometimes this can take years!  There is such a fast, intense, downloading of information and activation that takes place in this relationship that it can take years to process and assimilate this info into your life.  Eventually though, you will notice that the changes in your life that made you a better person or put you on the better path were a direct result of your intense, loving connection with your twin.

15.  There is nothing about your love or relationship that is ego-based. You are prepared to love and accept this person no matter how they act or what they do.  You are together to activate forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance in each other.

16.  You reflect each other.  You will see all of your sameness and also see how you complement each other's weaknesses and strengths (Yin and Yang).

17.  You just know this is something different than you've ever experienced before.

18.  There is usually a separation physically at times because A) the intensity is so high that it's difficult to live in that kind of situation all the time.  B) They trigger so much growth in you that you have to step away to work on yourselves.

19.  Time or space do not change the connection.  With or without a label, this bond is indestructible. 

20.  This connection is so intense that it can be constructive or destructive depending on how evolved the parties are at the time.  There cannot be a permanent union between the twins in this lifetime unless both individuals are whole in and of themselves.  Basically, if you haven't worked on your "stuff" and evolved/awakened spiritually, you won't be allowed to be together.

21.  Typically the female twin awakens first.  It is then her job spiritually to hold space for the male to grow and develop himself.  Her growth spurs his growth whether either of them are aware of it or not.  This is because they are spiritually and energetically linked whether or not they are conscious of it.

22.  These relationships are naturally very loving and in harmony. 

I hope this helped you to learn about Twin Flames.  It definitely helped me.  This has helped me make sense of what I have experienced and make peace with it.  It helps to know that we weren't crazy!  Have you ever experienced your Twin Flame?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

XO, Veronica


Unknown said…
Hmmmmm.... I must confess my friend, I've got nothing! That is what I love most about you. Always something to think about or a new, challenging way to look at life. You keep me on my spiritual toes and I love it! Thank you for being you! ❤️