Spirit and shadow...

Today was such a rough day.  Yesterday was rough too, but today was a particularly rough day at work.    Every patient was full of needs and if it could go wrong, it did. 

I don't stress out at work very often, but today was my day.  The thing is that I could see it happening and kept trying to recalibrate without much success.  I spent the day dancing between spirit and shadow.

I could feel myself tensing and stressing out.  Instead of breathing deeply and easily from my belly, I was breathing from my chest.  My shoulders were drawn up and tense and I could feel most of my energy up in my upper body.  See, when our energy is flowing evenly, or more in our lower chakras, things slow down.  We relax, we let loose, our shoulders fall down into a loose position.  But if not, that's when we feel anxiety, stress, or even depression. 

I learned a lot of this from my "teachers" that I watch on YouTube.  Maybe another time I will share all of their links.  But for now, I will say that as humans we are made to go into shadow.  We can (and should) feel every human emotion.  We have the ability to go dark...but that's not our true nature and it's not where we should live.

Our true nature is one led by our hearts.  It is calm, peaceful, kind, compassionate, and laughs easily.  There is an undercurrent of love in everything we say, see, and do when we are in our true personalities.

Yeah, so today sucked.  But every once in a while, I would recognize what was happening and I would stop to close my eyes and breathe quietly.  I would re-center and try to slow down.  Sometimes just the act of purposely moving way slower than normal can recalibrate us.  Because if you're moving and talking slow you're usually relaxed.  The quicker you move and talk, you're usually stressed.  So, by slowing down you can fake it until you're actually doing it.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is better.

XO, Veronica


Belle said…
I'm sorry you had one of "those days". They sure are hard to shake off but thankfully you recovered and woke up the next morning with a better attitude and stronger energy. Right? ��
Unknown said…
Hang in there Veronica, as they say, this too shall pass!