My grandma's thoughts...

I love my grandma. She has been an ever-present constant in my life from my very first day. She may not be the most sentimental person I know, but she was always there. 

She is a giver. She loves her family and always sacrificed for them. She was always tired, but she just kept on being there. And there weren't many days of my childhood that I didn't not see her, didn't spend time with her. 

As a child I remember her writing in her diary every night before bed. I always wondered what she was writing about.  What thoughts filled my grandma's heart and mind? She now thinks they should all be thrown away because who on earth would want to read any of that boring stuff? Like I said, she's not very sentimental. 

But I'm sentimental enough for the both of us and getting to read what she had to say about the day I was born and other days throughout my life? Priceless. These are treasures. 

Know what else was reconfirmed to me while reading these? That I (and the rest of my family) were as much a part of her every single day as breathing. We are what she wrote about. We were what was important enough to write about every night. 

We are her story. I am her story. How blessed am I to know that?