Energy: Changing the world

This is part four in a series on energy.  You can find the other parts here:

Part two: Empaths

In this post I want to touch briefly on the importance of using our energy for good.  Have you noticed that there is a spiritual awakening happening in our world in the past decade or so?  Ten or twenty years ago to speak casually about any type of spiritual thing would have you labeled as "new age" or some other term that people relate with crazy or irrelevant.

These days, people are starting to get it.  More and more people are meditating.  People are starting to get it and they are starting to wake up.  And it's about time too because our world needs all the awakening it can get right now.

We all hear people say all the time that things just aren't the same as they used to be.  There is so much violence and hatred.  Children can't play outside for fear that something bad will happen to them.  There is sex trafficking and rape.  There always has been, but I mean it is intensely more prevalent these days.  You know what I mean.  

Well, I believe that it is God's plan for this world to begin waking up in order to combat this.  We've already talking about what it means for a person to raise their vibrations.  How if we raise our energy to be more positive, it affects all of the energy around us, the people around us.  

Now think about it, if we can raise the energy of a room, what happens when enough people raise their vibrations?  You will in-turn raise the vibrations of your city, and your country...and if enough people raise to higher energy, then you change the energy of the whole world.  And that is what our world needs right now.  It needs awakened people who are willing to act with love and make it a priority to keep their personal vibrations as high as possible.  Because as enough little candles begin to flicker, the whole world will light up.

xoxo v.