Stuck in my head aka Truth

"I Found A Boy"

........So, you thought that I crumble to my knees
At the first of you crawling back to me

To whisper "Will you leave your man?"
Cause you swear that this time
You can stand by me.
I won’t stand by you...

Cause I found a boy who I love more,
Than I ever did you before,
So stand beside the river I cried
And let yourself down!

Look how you want me now that I don’t need you.

I am yours for no taking,
You must be mistaken
I could never look into your eyes, and settle for wrong
And ignore the right

Well I found a boy that loves me more,
Than you ever did before.
So stand beside the river you cried
And let yourself down!
Look how you want me now that I don’t need you!

It has continued to burn my butt every time I think of you saying you don't approve of my life or decisions simply because you have been rejected and I try my best to always do the right thing.  How dare you say that to me.  How dare YOU say that to me.  Go stand beside the river I cried after all of your betrayal and rejection and let yourself down. How dare YOU judge me because I'm happy now and you're not.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Benlysta, chapter 1....

Today I had my first Benlysta infusion.

When I first got there,
this was my FB status....

so my tough guy facade quickly melted away as soon as they said Paul couldn't come back with me during the infusion. My eyes started crying whether I wanted them to or not. They finally found a seat for him & I'm so grateful. I feel panicked & want to run out of this room full of people with tubes coming out of their arms. Getting ready to start my IV now. Pray for me, I'm going in......

The infusion itself went okay.
They premedicated me with lots of Benadryl IV,
so I was sufficiently stoned for a good while.

This evening however, has been pretty rough.
The headache started on the way home.
The rest of the night pretty much feels like a bad flu.
Or years ago when I had mono...
SO tired and achey,
sore to the touch and feel like my body weighs 500 pounds.
Headache & nausea.
I've thrown up once.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

lurve you, xoxo v.


That's right....

Because someone tried to argue with me that this wasn't a real word.
Look it up sucka...
lurve you, xoxo v.

Just like you.... onlier prettier

What kind of a person do you want to be? I know most of us would reply, "a good person" right?  Most people even foolishly put themselves on a pedestal and think that they are better people than others.  They think since they've never committed that sin or crime that they must be better than someone who has.

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who think they're a good person.  I'm evolved enough to be well aware of past crimes against humanity that I've committed, but I'm also evolved enough to know that those were things I did, not who I am.  Still, I'm always a little internally surprised when I am reminded that there are a few people out there who dislike me, judge me and refuse to get over or forgive things that were done in the past (WAY in the past).  They actually claim to read my blog because they think it's funny when things go wrong in my life.  They judge and are critical.  Basically?  They are wracking up a whole lotta karma nastiness that will be coming their way someday. 

The funny thing is that these are the people who are the most self-righteous of all the people I've ever known.  They think their families are the most perfect, their choice in furniture is the best, their educations and careers are superior, their sense of humor is way better and their vocabulary is headier because they have a much higher IQ than most (in their opinions), etc etc etc ad nauseam. 

Hearing about one of these situations again today really did make me a bit nauseous.  It reminded me just how much I like who I am.  No, I'm not perfect and the Lord knows I have hurt people along the way.  But I don't mean to be that way and that's not ever how I am intentionally.  These few jaded women might disagree, but my life motto really is "Do No Harm."  I may have had moments of selfishness that did harm, but I feel bad about those.  And I've apologized for those.  These nasty people can't say the same thing.... it's in  them.  The nastiness and haughtiness is part of their bones.  I don't like to look down on other people, but they definitely make me more aware of the kind of person I don't want to be.

lurve you, xoxo v. 

"Onlier Prettier"
Miranda Lambert


Valentine's Day 2012

"Are you planning on coming into the office at all today?  
Because there are a bunch of flowers here waiting for you!"

He did good.

There was also a box a chocolates with flowers and balloon.

Then I at home I also got a big fuzzy Whitman's sampler
and a card.

And then he took me out to dinner too.

Thanks Boo!
You made the day very special.

lurve you, xoxo v.



lurve you, xoxo v.

RIP Ms. Houston

This was always one of my favorite scenes 
from the old reality show of 
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown.

I still can't believe they got divorced.
They had such a rhythm (literally) together.

Whitney Houston
lurve you, xoxo v.


Time Capsule

I have SO many boxes of keepsakes!
I'm trying to organize them a little bit so that they aren't so scattered.
Well, today I found a couple of boxes I haven't seen for a LONG time!

Up top there you can see the baby that I've had my whole life.
He's actually a little puppet.
I missed this little guy!
I love his sweet little face.

These are a bunch of things that probably don't mean much of anything
to anyone but me (and maybe my mom),
but I LOVE that I still have them. :)

I've had this little bunny my whole life too.


This was my handprint from a week before my second birthday.


This was a book that was made for me.

It was so cool because back then there weren’t very many personalized items,

and there REALLY weren’t many that said “Veronica.”

IMG-20120205-00187 IMG-20120205-00188

IMG-20120205-00192 IMG-20120205-00193



These were a card and a letter that Allison wrote to me back in the 80’s.

I wish I could find all of them!

I found so many other things,

it was like the best time capsule!


Movin' movin' movin', keep them nursies movin'....

Soooooo.... guess what happened?  I picked the ONE property management company in the whole valley that got it's doors closed for embezzlement.

I got a voicemail from my homeowner saying she found my phone number on an old work order and thought she'd try to call and tell me not to mail my rent check.  She was too late, however.  I had already mailed it that morning.  So, I had to put a stop-payment on it right away.  So then, this homeowner lady tells me that we can work things out between us and make a new lease without a middle man.  Well, I thought this might be okay until I asked her about my security deposit and she said they never gave it to her.  And then when I ask who I contact about any repairs that might need made, she says I would be responsible for them.   Yeah, I don't think so sister.

So, since I was wanting to move soon anyways, I figure this would be the most opportune time, as I don't really have a lease to break anymore.  So, I gave her my 30-day notice and told her to keep my security deposit that they hadn't forwarded to her (she should take the loss, not me!) and we started looking for a new place to move and settle for several years (I'm SO tired of moving).

What this means for me is that I have to start packing.  What it means for you is that I need you to please pray for us to find a nice place to live that's affordable and in a timely manner. (Thank you!)  We actually think we found a place almost right away.  It's in the school district we need, it looks nice, it's very clean, affordable and has a decent pool (a MUST in this heat).  So, they're in the process of running the application.  Please pray for us that it goes through.  As soon as we saw it, I filled out the app and put down a huge chunk of earnest money to hold it.  This move was NOT expected and has kind of thrown me for a loop, but when a window opens, you have to be ready to dive through it I suppose.

Here's a picture of the backyard of the new (I hope!) place.  I will find a little something to disguise the pool filter and whatnot, but it's a decent yard.  I hope it comes through!  I want to be settled somewhere and this seems like a great place.

lurve you, xoxo v.
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