Just like you.... onlier prettier

What kind of a person do you want to be? I know most of us would reply, "a good person" right?  Most people even foolishly put themselves on a pedestal and think that they are better people than others.  They think since they've never committed that sin or crime that they must be better than someone who has.

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who think they're a good person.  I'm evolved enough to be well aware of past crimes against humanity that I've committed, but I'm also evolved enough to know that those were things I did, not who I am.  Still, I'm always a little internally surprised when I am reminded that there are a few people out there who dislike me, judge me and refuse to get over or forgive things that were done in the past (WAY in the past).  They actually claim to read my blog because they think it's funny when things go wrong in my life.  They judge and are critical.  Basically?  They are wracking up a whole lotta karma nastiness that will be coming their way someday. 

The funny thing is that these are the people who are the most self-righteous of all the people I've ever known.  They think their families are the most perfect, their choice in furniture is the best, their educations and careers are superior, their sense of humor is way better and their vocabulary is headier because they have a much higher IQ than most (in their opinions), etc etc etc ad nauseam. 

Hearing about one of these situations again today really did make me a bit nauseous.  It reminded me just how much I like who I am.  No, I'm not perfect and the Lord knows I have hurt people along the way.  But I don't mean to be that way and that's not ever how I am intentionally.  These few jaded women might disagree, but my life motto really is "Do No Harm."  I may have had moments of selfishness that did harm, but I feel bad about those.  And I've apologized for those.  These nasty people can't say the same thing.... it's in  them.  The nastiness and haughtiness is part of their bones.  I don't like to look down on other people, but they definitely make me more aware of the kind of person I don't want to be.

lurve you, xoxo v. 

"Onlier Prettier"
Miranda Lambert