Movin' movin' movin', keep them nursies movin'....

Soooooo.... guess what happened?  I picked the ONE property management company in the whole valley that got it's doors closed for embezzlement.

I got a voicemail from my homeowner saying she found my phone number on an old work order and thought she'd try to call and tell me not to mail my rent check.  She was too late, however.  I had already mailed it that morning.  So, I had to put a stop-payment on it right away.  So then, this homeowner lady tells me that we can work things out between us and make a new lease without a middle man.  Well, I thought this might be okay until I asked her about my security deposit and she said they never gave it to her.  And then when I ask who I contact about any repairs that might need made, she says I would be responsible for them.   Yeah, I don't think so sister.

So, since I was wanting to move soon anyways, I figure this would be the most opportune time, as I don't really have a lease to break anymore.  So, I gave her my 30-day notice and told her to keep my security deposit that they hadn't forwarded to her (she should take the loss, not me!) and we started looking for a new place to move and settle for several years (I'm SO tired of moving).

What this means for me is that I have to start packing.  What it means for you is that I need you to please pray for us to find a nice place to live that's affordable and in a timely manner. (Thank you!)  We actually think we found a place almost right away.  It's in the school district we need, it looks nice, it's very clean, affordable and has a decent pool (a MUST in this heat).  So, they're in the process of running the application.  Please pray for us that it goes through.  As soon as we saw it, I filled out the app and put down a huge chunk of earnest money to hold it.  This move was NOT expected and has kind of thrown me for a loop, but when a window opens, you have to be ready to dive through it I suppose.

Here's a picture of the backyard of the new (I hope!) place.  I will find a little something to disguise the pool filter and whatnot, but it's a decent yard.  I hope it comes through!  I want to be settled somewhere and this seems like a great place.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Oh!!! It's soooo pretty!!!! I would loooooove to have a back yard like that here in Ohio!! lol. Can't wait to see God pull things all together for you....and I can't wait for you to be settled in the new place!!
Praying! That pool looks awesome!!!!!