Time Capsule

I have SO many boxes of keepsakes!
I'm trying to organize them a little bit so that they aren't so scattered.
Well, today I found a couple of boxes I haven't seen for a LONG time!

Up top there you can see the baby that I've had my whole life.
He's actually a little puppet.
I missed this little guy!
I love his sweet little face.

These are a bunch of things that probably don't mean much of anything
to anyone but me (and maybe my mom),
but I LOVE that I still have them. :)

I've had this little bunny my whole life too.

This was my handprint from a week before my second birthday.

This was a book that was made for me.
It was so cool because back then there weren’t very many personalized items,
and there REALLY weren’t many that said “Veronica.”
IMG-20120205-00187 IMG-20120205-00188
IMG-20120205-00192 IMG-20120205-00193

These were a card and a letter that Allison wrote to me back in the 80’s.
I wish I could find all of them!
I found so many other things,
it was like the best time capsule!


Barbara said…
I remember all of them too! Well, except for the card and letter from A..... I am glad you still have them to enjoy!

Love you, Mom
Allison said…
Aww!! I remember that poem!!! And it's still true today!!! :)