I got the job!....

Oh yes girl!  Oh yes I did!  I am super excited! So excited that I feel like booty poppin' all over the place over here!  I'm sure Paul Anderson would love that!  The kids might have some questions, but he would love it! lmao

You know, I was just fed up with those long-ass days.  I was over it.  And seeing that I'm on salary, I was really just working myself to the bone for nothing.  So, this new job really does sound pretty great.  No weekends, evenings, holidays or on-call hours.  I can't remember the last time I had a holiday off!  No more horrible wear and tear on my vehicle! No more charting until the wee hours of the morning.  Oh it sounds glorious.  I will have to case manage around 65 patients over the phone and once in a while go see them in their home to assess their home environment, but I don't do any hands-on nursing care.  AND?  I got another raise!  I just had my yearly eval a few weeks ago and got one, so I figured I would stay the same.  But when the human resources recruiter got to calculating my years of experience as a nurse, she said that according to her tables, with the experience I am bringing to this position, I should be making more, so I will be getting another three percent raise.  Yay God!  I'll take it!  This sounds like a win-win situation.  The only thing is that I will have to start wearing actual clothes now vs. scrubs.  And after being on that blasted Prednisone for so long, what actually fits me anymore is limited. So, I may have to invest in a wardrobe. (Poor me.... *diabolically rubbing my hands together)  Wish I had girlfriends out here to go shopping with!  Some of y'all need to move out here or something!  And shoes!  I have nothing cute since I broke my ankle and can't really wear heels anymore.  I have a few flats that are starting to look busted and then I have flip flops that I live in.  I have no good looking shoes whatsoever.  Nothing presentable.  I want to wear heels again so bad.  Pretty heels.  Oh well, we'll start with the small stuff. 
I have a great job starting soon! :)  I'm so happy and excited!  Now I just have to survive the last few weeks of this one.

lurve you, xoxo v.