The view from where I sit....

I took this with my cell phone last week as I was sitting 
on the hallway floor trying to organize some of the linen closet bits and bobs.

I'll try to take some more actual pictures of the house and what I've been doing tomorrow.

I have to say, I think it's coming together nicely.
The front room (the one you're looking at here)
is a bit of a challenge for me,
because it is the one that most represents Paul.
It will have his old entertainment center in it and his big desk, etc. 
And it will be decorated more in a southwest/Indian theme
than I would ever like to admit is in my home.
I know, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to this stuff.
I like what I like.
And I reserve the right to change my mind and like something new tomorrow.
And I believe (seriously, I do.  And firmly) that the woman is the heart of the home,
and that she should be the main source of inspiration for decorating.

But, because I love this man,
I have agreed to represent "him" a little bit in the front room.
Well, more areas than that,
but we'll start there.
Yesterday at Hobby Lobby,
me & my best intentions went inside and bought a few things that are more "that" style than I've ever bought before,  (But hey, how could you resist 50% off?)
and came home and put them up.  It's enough for me but I can tell he wants more.
What I want is to not be embarrassed when a guest walks through our front door and the first
representation of our home they get is his southwest bits and older furniture.
And not older as in cute and vintage or antique,
but just older.

We also have all of his older dressers in our bedroom. *sigh*
And older end tables throughout the home.
Most of them look ok,
I'm trying to make the best with what I have.

Then there is the downstairs guest bath that I am doing in a nautical theme
(because of him).
Now personally, I used to have my bath done in this cute theme...
and then it went out of style.
In like 1998.

So, I'm trying to do a little more of a modern take on it and make it cute again,
and he's hurt that I don't want to use his pastel framed seashell pictures from the 90's,
or his dusty basket of faded shells.
I sound like such a jerk.
The thing is,
I would like to compromise.
I would like to use his picture, but PAINT the frame and make it look nice.
But no.  He gets very sad and offended if I say I want to pain something,
like my rejection of the out of dateness of that item is actually a rejection of him as a person.
It's a sticky area.

But it's coming along.
It's not all together yet,
but it's getting there.

And I have to admit I'm kind of sad about it.
Because I love the new beginning and the unpacking and finding fresh homes
for everything.
I walk around looking for boxes to unpack,
ready for a new adventure,
only to find that there are no more boxes and that it's all done.
It deflates me and makes me sad. :(

Pictures soon.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Chell said…
I am so proud of you! You must really love him because you are compromising on something so important to you. Your house will all work out, and BECAUSE you love each other and are compromising, I believe that the decorating issues will slowly come around too. Who knows, when he sees how beautiful you put things together, he might decide that the frames would like nice with a fresh coat of paint! Let's hope at least. :)
Allison said…
Wow! I'm impressed at your compromise here. This is BIG for you to compromise on the southwestern stuff. lol

P.S. I know you will find a way to make it beautiful. You always do.
veronica said…
I wish he realized how big that is for me.
Barbara said…
I am proud of you for the compromise. Just remember, it is only 2 rooms and it could be the ones you are in the most instead. I am sure they will still have a touch of "your style" and will look fine.

Love you, Mom