Let it go

No.  More.
Just because you are my son,
does not mean that you are allowed to speak to me the way you do.

You will not verbally abuse me,
accuse me of "stealing",
accuse me of being a bad mother,
and all of the other toxic, horrible and degrading things
that you have said about me.

I don't care if you have an idiot father that eggs you on
and encourages you to act this way just because
he is bitter about having to pay back child support that 

I love you,
but I would rather love you peacefully and from a distance
than have you in my life in the form of an abusive man.
I am done with abusive men,
and that includes YOU.

If you are ever interested in having a healthy, peaceful, functional relationship
with me, then it will be up to you to pursue that.
Until then, I am done with this.
This is what you have created and I hope that you are as happy with yourself
years from now as you are right now when you see the damage that you have caused.


Go in peace.
But just go.


Barbara said…
Very nicely said. I feel sick everytime I see things he says....
I really wish we could turn back the clock and have a "do over" on some things.

Love you lots, Mom
Allison said…
P.S. There is never a reason for a son to disrespect his mother. Ever.