Viva la Veronicaisms....

Therapist brought up the fact that although 
she finds it charming & she enjoys it,
(ummm, helllloooooo, how could she not?)
I seem to have my very own vernacular.
Little Veronicaisms that are all my own.


They've been celebrated many times
on this blog and by my friends.

Sometimes I don't realize people outside of my "circle"
don't know what the hell I'm talking about
until I see the puzzled look on their faces.

Some of the things have just come naturally to me,
like "Up theirs" (his/yours/hers/everyones)
or "It's all about the kitty".  

Some I have stolen from friends,
like "Shit the bed," "B'GAWK" (although Maribel never remembers
saying that 20 years ago and doesn't take credit for it, so I guess it's all mine),
"Bullroar" (instead of bullsh*t),
or "Big ass dog!  BIG. ASS DOG!"

Many are from my kids.  Just because they're retarded but oh so fun.
Such as "Dook".
As in "I feel like dook."

Many, come from movies I love.
As a matter of fact, maybe I'll work on a mandatory viewing list
for my readers, so that y'all can get the references when they're thrown out there.

I'll start with Friday (all three of them)
("You ain't got to lie Craig!", "Damn Felicia, you betta get on!", "Man, you KNOW I want some koolaide!", "Dang!  Y'all ain't NEVER got two things that match!", "You know how WE do!", "PIMP DOWN!"),

Juno ("Well!  We've gotta get you healthy!", "Silencio old man!", "Geez Banana, shut your freakin' gob!"), 

Elf ("I love to smile.  Smiling's my favorite.", "Bye Buddy, hope you find your daaaad",
"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?", "Ooooooo, VERY sucky!"), 

When Harry Met Sally ("Pecannnn Pieeeeeee"),

any of the Chris Rock stand-up specials ("You know you did it, jus' admit it!", "Oh helll no! No lef' turns from now on, muthafucka", "Cracka ass cracka!", "Wanna hit her, can't hit her.  But you can shake the shit out of her!",

the Eddie Murphy stand-up where he
was in the red leather outfit.  Remember that one?  ("These ain't no ORDINARY Ritz crackers!" or "Damn baby! Tha's nasssssty!),

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ("That thar's an aaaaarrrrrvee."), 

The Hangover ("Using of the Rogaine, check"),

any of the Madea films or plays ("Helllerrrrr").

Okay, this list could go on FOREVER. lol

lurve you, xoxo v.