Off we go....

Okay, so I started my new herbal program.
Can't remember the names of what is in this tincture I'm taking three
times per day because I didn't recognize any of them.

Plus, I also started taking barley grass.

Several people at work have been taking it
for the past several months and they
about it.
Paul bought some last month and he says good things about it too.
This stuff is amazing & I can't believe I didn't
learn about it & get on the band-wagon years ago!
Here's a link to one of the many sites where you can
read about it's benefits....

So, I bought some and I've taken it twice so far.
I mix it in some water and down the hatch.
It's not the kind of thing you can think about for too long
because it looks nasty.

But I have to say...
This morning I woke up and my hands weren't achey.
That hasn't happened in.....
I don't know, YEARS maybe?

And the past two days I have had crazy energy!

Like instead of getting out of bed and flopping on the couch,
I got up, prepared dinner to cook & then folded my laundry.

Yeah, I know.

So, time will tell if it's purely a mental thing
or if it's because this stuff will help me.

Lets hope it's because it's helping me.
xoxo veronica


Barbara said…
I gotta get me some of that! I will have to try it, the anti-inflammatory would help a lot. I will let you know how I feel (after I get some ;))

Love you, Mom
Allison said…
So, how does the stuff taste??
veronica said…
Well, I mix it with a little water and can drink it pretty much in one gulp. It really doesn't taste like much of anything. It might have a tiny hint of grass. Yes, grass. but it's minute & not really noticeable.
Allison said…
Well if it's helping you feel better and giving you energy, then drinking grass is worth it! Woot!!