Friday five

  1. Okay, so Emma's birthday party was a success.  She's very glad I'm dating Paul because MY plan had been to cook her favorite dinner & bake her a cake.  HIS plan was to have an actual party.  Ten kids, streamers, balloons & helium tank, four-foot sub, cake, etc.  She wanted pink & brown as her theme and luckily (for me) there were Hello Kitty decorations in just those colors (woot!).  Yep, by the time the party started, there was Hello Kitty ablaze in my dining room.  Love it!  It turned out good though & I was glad that we did it.  It's kind of like working out or going to church...never wanna do it until I'm there and then I'm glad I went.
  2. I applied for a new job.  And I got it. I have to be careful what I say, because my job is still with the same company, it's just in another capacity with another division.  In my current position I was watching something occur that I don't want any part of and needed to move on from that situation.  So, I applied for a few other positions and decided to take one of them that will be something totally new and different from what I've ever done.  I'll tell you more about it as I decide what I think of it.  Oh and get this... it's DAYSHIFT.  Yeah, I know right?  Pray for me y'all, I'm goin' in!
  3. Paul & I went to see "Dinner for Schmucks" the other night.  I really didn't like it.  It had a few funny lines, but overall I just thought it was stupid.
  4. My twenty year class reunion is today and I don't get to be there.  TWENTY YEARS!!!  How in the world did I graduate TWENTY YEARS AGO??  
  5. Nothing else really new here.  Things are well, kids are well, I'm well.  Hope you're well too.
xoxo veronica