What's next? The rapture?

Schools are closed tomorrow....AGAIN. *sigh* And it hasn't even been snowing! It's been BEAUTIFUL 75 degree weather here in E-town all week! But can we relax and enjoy the weather??? NOOOOOOOOO! And why not??? Because we are having some crazy-a** weather here in northern Ohio! Monday we had an EARTHQUAKE. Yes, you heard me correctly. An earthquake. We had one back in the 80's, but that was more like a fluke wouldn't you think? It's not like we live in San Francisco or anything...we're in Cleveland! And then tonight we had a tornado. What used to be Olan Mills Portrait Studios (where Allison and I had our first jobs) had the front windows busted out and Staples across the street had the siding ripped off. We had just left for home to go to Dairy Queen when Randy called my cell phone and told me that a tornado had just touched down right where I was getting ready to drive. Isn't that my luck? lol I joked and said "who else but ME would leave home to drive TO a tornado???" So for now the tornado warning has expired and we're just left with a ton of rain pouring down...which means tons of floods....which is why all the schools are closed tomorrow. No one was hurt throughout all of this....thank God. It's a really good lesson for my girls too, because as we were driving we prayed as a family that God would keep everyone safe and not let anyone (especially us!) get hurt from the tornado...so this is one of those opportunities to boost their faith and belief in prayer.