Poor her

As women in this world...particularly this American world we so often beat ourselves up for not being "perfect". We spend so much time comparing ourselves to the few "perfect" women in Hollywood that are set up on pedestals by the media machine and drooled over by all the men in the world. Welllll........... poor Fergie...and I mean that seriously...poor Fergie! The other night on stage she strained so hard or moved a certain way ( or heck, probably just sneezed hard! I mean she IS a flesh and blood woman right??)...and she peed her pants! PEED HER PANTS in front of thousands of people! She was on a talk show that night talking about how absolutely embarrassed she was. I was so mortified for her! But it DOES remind me and comfort my heart a little bit just to see with my own two eyes and to be reminded that they are nothing special....just women. Like me....like you. I am every woman after all...and it's nice to be reminded sometimes that I am just as special as "they" are.