Every dog has his day

Do any of you guys watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter"? I LOVE that show! It's one of my favorite shows to watch actually. It started out as kind of like ambulance watching...I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I had to stop and watch for a little while. But the more I watched it, the nearer and dearer it grew to my heart. It was one of the many tools that God has used over the years to remind me not to judge a book by it's cover. Judge them by their hearts, by their actions and by their fruits. When I first started watching, I simply thought Dog was just some rough and tumble guy...and then I was totally caught off-guard when this big, burly guy and his crew huddled together before going out on a bounty and started praying. Not just some generic, anyone-can-pray-it prayer, but a truly heart-felt prayer to Jesus that comes from someone that is a Christian and loves God. Why did this surprise me so much? Well, because despite how much I fight it...I was still raised in a very traditional, fundamental, straight-laced church and I've been programmed to think that Christians have to look and dress a certain way. They have to have "the" haircut. Never any jewelry on a man...etc., etc. He didn't fit any of those molds!

Neither did his wife Beth. And to tell you the truth...alot of the time, neither do I. Which is why I love this show so much. This is a show that's considered "cool" by the world...and yet it shows them that "cool" people pray and have faith and live a good life...and that "cool" people can outwardly and loudly love God. And it also shows them that yes...Christians are still human and that sometimes they screw up...but that's where mercy and grace come into play. That's awesome to me. Recently there was a huge injustice when federal marshalls arrested Dog, his brother Tim and his son Leland and sent them to Mexico. See, a few years ago Dog tracked down and captured a serial rapist who had fled to Mexico. No one else had been able to find him and so they called in Dog and crew. But because they found him in Mexico and brought him back, Mexican authorities are wanting to charge them with kidnapping. Not only is it so wrong because our government is not exactly running to stick up for him...but it's very scary because anyone with common sense knows that these men probably won't last very long in prison...let alone a Mexican prison. They are the enemy. They are the bounty hunters who sent many people to jail.

They are on the public's side...not the criminals. So the reason I'm writing this is to ask for everyone to please say a prayer for this family and their situation. It's easy sometimes to forget that celebrities are human beings with feelings and marriages and little kids and church families. This is just one more time when the devil is trying to get the good guy and drag him down...but as always, I believe in happy endings! Good and justice HAVE to prevail. They just have to.