That creative spark...

I was telling my friend Lauren lately that I feel so creatively dry.  See, normally I am an extremely creative person.  I always have several projects going and if I see something that inspires me, I go home and make one for myself.  But the past year or so?  *cricket, cricket*  Nope.

Why is that?  I'm not totally sure.  It just feels like the creative anointing has lifted off of me.  But, I know that isn't true.  I know that the Muse is still there, just waiting for me to tap back into that creative flow.

So I followed Elizabeth Gilbert's advice and did a creative CT scan on my life.  Be still and think of all things creative and see if anything gives you a little tingle when you think about it.  Even if it's just a little tingle, sometimes if you grab onto a thread and pull you will get a whole ball of yarn.  As I scanned over all of the areas of my life...writing, painting, cooking, cross-stitch, knitting, making candles, etc....nah.  Not much was happening.

Currently, the only things that I find intrigue me are cake decorating and photography.  I would LOVE to learn cake decorating, but for what?  I don't plan to open a bakery.  And having cake and frosting around the house all the time?  Oh Lort.  That would be so bad.  So, photography it is.

Lauren suggested that we go to different places and just spend a few hours taking pictures and see if it sparks my creativity at all.  So, that's what we did today.  For our first day out, we went to the West Side Market.  I mean, come on...who couldn't be inspired in this gorgeous old building?  I had a great time and had a delicious gyro all while taking some gorgeous pictures.  It was a great day.

And then some from home because it was such a GORGEOUS day!

xoxo v.