Tomato cage Christmas tree...

We just fit our big Christmas tree in the front room anymore,
so I needed to come up with something to fit up there and
make it look Christmasy.

Mine turned out slightly lumpy because I was in a hurry,
but it just looks more charming this way. ;)

I saw on Pinterest that people are making little trees
 (for the front porch or indoors)
out of tomato cages,
so I figured this sounds perfect.

So, you start off with any regular tomato cage that you can
pick up in the garden section.

Turn it upside down and tape the prongs together to make a point.

Next, you take some pine garland and wrap it around the whole length of it.

I will say that it took A LOT more garland than anyone on Pinterest claimed it did!

Every post I saw made it sound as if it took 1-2 garlands and 100 lights.
Umm, no.

See that little section at the bottom that is covered up?  That is nearly two garlands.
So, buy several is all I have to say.  Same goes for the lights.

Once it was covered up with the plain garland,
I also went back over it with a more rustic looking garland 
(but I didn't wrap it as tightly; just kind of spread it over the whole thing)
that has little branches sticking off.
I think this made it look more authentic (and cute).

Then I covered with some clear lights and decorated it.

Easy peasy.

lurve you, xoxo v.