Love notes...

So there's this game that 
The Lord and I play. 
Yes, I said that right. 

A little backstory...

I always used to see the same numbers whenever I look at a clock. 

I mean ALL the time; several times per day. 

So, I was talking to God about it and asked if it was a sign for something. 

I mean, it was just too frequent to not be SOMETHING. 

I told God that because I didn't know of it being for anything else, I was going to consider it a personal little love note whenever I saw repeating numbers on a clock. 

I know that He loves me all the time, but this would be something just for me. 
Like a wink when no one is looking. 

Whenever I see these numbers I say, "I love you Lord, thank you for loving me."

Well, I still see them all the time. I would venture to say that 9 times out of 10, when I look at the clock, it will be that way. They are the bright spots in my day. 

And in a perfect example of God's faithfulness, 
The other night I had a mini-crisis here at home with one of the kids. 
This was something that freaked me out and panicked me like I can't even explain  to you. 
My jug was shaken. 
I sat down, silently praying and seeking 
His wisdom,
and I click on my phone. 

The above picture is what I saw. 

I was reminded that it was all going to be alright. He was going before me. 
And he loves me.