The picture that finally made me open my mouth about Hobby Lobby...

There is someone on my FB who frequently posts

Very right- wing stuff,

Which doesn't typically bother me. 

I mean, I'm a Christian and I share most of the same views. 

But sometimes people can post things that just push my buttons and I am

In a position where my fingers are firing off a response faster

than I realize. 

Usually it's something racist or homophobic. 

Or maybe some statement about domestic violence that

Is filled with stupidity. 

I'm generally rather lovely to everyone I come across,

but push the wrong button and you'll find out what I really think. 

For days now, all that anyone has been talking about is the Hobby Lobby

news about how they don't have to pay for women's birth control anymore 

(Oh, but they WILL pay for men's Viagra and vasectomies).

This has really twirked me, but I have kept my mout closed

because overall I am a huge fan of the store. 

I like to support Christian businesses,

plus I just generally think they have an awesome store. 

Well, today, the above picture came floating down my timeline 

and it really made me mad. 

A few people had liked the picture, but no one had commented yet. 

Here was my response:

"I so disagree with this. Maybe people should go get their own diabetic meds and chemotherapy too. Because "birth control" is not only used for "birth control."  On more than one occasion it has saved my life due to hemorrhaging, BUT it was so expensive it came at the expense of paying some of my bills because I had to take so much, so frequently. None of it, not even one pack was covered by my insurance because it was "just birth control."  AND, even if it WAS just birth control, so what? I have also been a young, struggling mother who would not be able to afford my own birth control if I had to. Should I have just kept on having babies for the government to pay for? No, I had to go to the free clinic so that the government could pay for my birth control. Not everyone is always in a controlled situation where sex, relationships and finances are so predictable. There are all kinds of messy life situations. So to put it all on the woman to go find a way to pay for her own EXPENSIVE birth control because it's "just birth control" as so many people are saying is nothing but an ignorant stance to take."