Soapie came to visit!!!

This month, my BFF Allison came to visit with her little family!

We have been friends since September, 1986
(yes, that makes 28 years!).

I miss her so much being so far away from her,
and I had a blast just hanging out with her for a  WHOLE WEEK!

She also brought her husband Jon and their two-year-old Jacob along.

 It was so nice to finally meet the baby in person,
and not just through the phone and face-time.

He loved us (and by "us", I mean the kids),
and we loved him! :)

We swam, played cars, watched cartoons and did a lot of hanging out.

We also went to Sedona 
(pics will be over on Pork Chops).

Howie and Jacob playing cars (for hours!)

Amy & Emma helping with bath time. :)

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
What a WONDERFUL week we had hanging out with your and your family!!! I loved my time with you....except for the fact that it made me miss you even more when it was time to say goodbye! I love you, Soap!! Always, always, always! :)