Praying for justice for Travis....

The jury reconvenes tomorrow morning to begin deliberating on Jodi Arias' fate.
It is now in their hands.

The prayer vigils have now officially begun springing up both here in Phoenix,
and in California, where Travis' family lives and he is buried. 

This evening in California at Travis' graveside, his family, friends and 
many supporters gathered to pray and hold a candlelight vigil.

This makes me so sad.
I have followed this case so closely,
not only because wherever there is injustice,
I want this righted,
but because not only did Jodi claim to be a victim
of domestic violence,
which completely offends me (because she is NOT),
but because when it comes down to it,
Travis was the ultimate victim of domestic violence. 
Only he didn't survive.

This case became very personal to me.

(How'd you like that run-on sentence up there? That's okay.  
I'm feeling emotional.  I get a pass.)

I'm going to ask that if you have any humanity in you whatsoever,
that you please pray fervently that justice is served tomorrow (or however long this deliberation 
takes.)  She is a true sociopath and he did not deserve this.  She slaughtered him.  There was
cruelty.  Anything less than first degree murder and she will eventually be out on the streets to do this again.  That is so scary.  Justice needs to be served.  Travis needs and deserves justice.  I'll be praying that he gets it.  Domestic violence needs to end.

Excellent job Prosecutor Martinez.
You spoke for Travis when he wasn't here to speak for himself.
Job well done.
lurve you, xoxo v.

**photos from various FB pages in support of Travis