A letter from my daughter on my 40th birthday...

This morning, I woke up to find that my Madelaine had made me breakfast and wrote me this lovely, tear-jerker of a letter (bless her beautiful baby heart). She's such a good girl and has such a good heart.  Amelia drew me a picture, and last night the kids made me a cake (my favorite! strawberry cake with cherry frosting).  Courtney called me at midnight to tell me happy birthday (which we always do) and then Darren called me today when I was at work.  All my little ducks did something nice for their Mama.  When Paul feels better, he has a rain-check on taking me out to dinner.

So anyways, I would like to share Miss Maddie's letter with you guys, because it was so sweet.  She's such a good daughter.


Dear Mom,

Well for starters, I should say, Happy 40th birthday Veronica Jeanne.  And congratulations on making it this far and staying beautiful and successful on your very long and treacherous journey.  I know that you have lived enough to be double your age, but you are still the beautiful, chubby-cheeked little girl I've only seen in pictures.  You are perfect to me mom, and I love everything about you.  From your always polished toes, to your freckly cheeks, I see nothing but wisdom, intelligence, and spirituality.

I really want to thank you for being religious.  Even though it may not have always been there, but it has helped me on this continuing journey that I am on.  I want to thank you for always being there for me and never giving up.  Even through all of the pain and tears that I have put you through, you have always been there.  And you have always tried your hardest to give me what I need.  I just love you so much.  You are my everything Mommy.  I don't know where I would be without a mother like you  Every little thing that you do is special to me.  All of the protection, wisdom, secrets, even recipes that you have shared with me have never gone uncherished.  I have tried to hold so many moments so close because I am scared of not having enough time with you.  Especially now that I am getting older.  I don't want to lose my dependency on you.  I'm my mommy's little girl.  Even though I don't have curly little pigtails, and chubby rosy cheeks, that baby is still in there.

Growing up without a real dad made me realize that no one else can love me more than my mommy does.  All of the sacrifices that you have given up for me, I love you even more because for them you took the complete initiative to become a responsible mother/father figure and did an amazing job.  Even though things were not always peaches and cream, the only reason I would go back would be to relive all of those beautiful moments. You're perfect  There couldn't be a better mom out there.  I'd like to see anyone try to compete with you.

Mommy, I really do love you with all my heart, and mean every word that I've said.  I am going to try my hardest to become a better daughter.  I will NEVER put you through anything like some of the recent tragedies that I've done.  I was so stupid and regret everything.

I admire you so much.  Everything I do, it's for you.  I mean you're the reason I am here.  My support system, my wire cable holding me to Earth.  The reason I wake up everyday.  So, I hope you enjoy your birthday and that you have an amazing year.  I love you to the moon and back Mom.

Forever Yours,
Madelaine Baylee

Happy Birthday Veronica Jeanne
(You're Beautiful, Baby)

 From my little one.

All the kids made me a cake last night. :)
Don't worry... it tasted delicious! :)


Allison said…
Awww!!! That's so sweet!!! Your kids are the best!!! And Maddie's letter made me cry!! You are so blessed :)