Natural Wave....

Okay, this isn't about the moonface,
which I know I still have a bit of.

It's about my hair.
And I know that you can't completely see it,
because my headset is pushing it flat .
I should have taken a picture earlier in the day.

This is the thing...
Sometime in the past few years
(after the hair I lost from the last chemo started coming back?),
I developed a natural curl.
Well, more like a wave,
but still way more than I used to have.

I used to have stick-straight hair,
but now I have to use a flat iron to have that straight look.
Naturally, it's wavy and even somewhat curly.
I like it a lot...
I always used to want to have curly hair like my cousin Michelle's,
but now I'm happy with a little wave.
It's a nice change, just unexpected.
lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
I love it!! :)
Chell said…
I want straighter hair like my cousin Veronica's. It's beautiful!