My mother would be proud...

It's horrible lighting, I know.
It was nighttime and I knew that if I didn't take a picture now,
I would forget to.

Anyways, I changed my bathroom to turquoise & red!
My mom would be SO proud!
She says my color palette usually revolves around "clear",
so this is a step in the right direction for her.

Above the toilet, there is this wall, but the space really isn't all that big.
One picture hanging there looks kind of weird,
so I decided to do a gallery wall instead.

I LOVE red and turquoise together!
It makes me happy.

I bought this gorgeous container that's all crackled and pretty,
and then put some pretty poppies inside of it.
The bottles on the right, I plan to put up on the window sill.

You can kind of see the vase a little better here.
(*an aside of drama* I dropped the vase on the driveway as I was taking it out of the car!
GAH!  It broke in several places, but I was able to hotglue it from the inside out,
and keep the pieces in place.  Hopefully it will hang in there for the long-term because I love it!)

I would have liked to take pictures of everything hanging on the walls,
but I couldn't get them to photograph well.
Oh well, you get the idea.
Here are a few of the them....

lurve you, xoxo v.


Barbara said…
I LOVE IT!!!! Yes, I am so proud of you for breaking the clear barrier! Red is one of my favorites too, although I never put it with turquoise before.....I like it a lot.....and I love the vase - where did you get it?

Good job! Love you, Mom
veronica said…
I got it at Michael's for like $6.99! They had taller, skinnier ones too.
Allison said…
Pretty!!! I especially love the glass turqoise bottles!!! :)