This is what I'm talking about....

*Okay, gruesome.  You've been warned.*

I took my ambien early last night so that I could go to bed early.  This means it wore off a little early.  What happens with no ambien in my system?  I dream.  I complain about it all the time.  The nightmares.    For those who might still wonder if I'm kidding or ask themselves how serious this could be, here is what happened at about 4am today when the sleeping pill wore off....

I dreamed that I was in the basement and Maddie and Emma were upstairs.  I could see out of the basement windows something driving by the house...big, like a tractor/trailer.  I thought to myself, I hate being underground.  It's creepy down here, being able to see the world and they have no idea I can see them.  And, how would I get upstairs fast enough to save the kids if something bad happened.  And why is that truck so close to my house?  Or something like that anyways.  You know how dream dialogue can go.
Just then, I mean as I'm thinking these things, I hear the back door open and I can see up the stairs a pair of workboots walk quickly by and then my girls start screaming bloody murder.  I run as fast as I can up the stairs and I see Maddie & Emma both bound and panicked.  Screaming.  I can't remember if they were bloody or not, but it's possible.  The workboots belonged to the Evil One, who was getting ready to murder them.

In a panic, I started searching for something to use as a weapon and all I can find is a screwdriver.  I grab it and try to ram it full-force into his stomach.  The problem is that it's not sharp enough to stab him, so I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing for what seems like forever and finally I feel it pop into him and all of this black blood comes flooding out.

He looks at me with huge, wide, surprised and yet disappointed eyes and screams WHY DID YOU DO THAT???  You know how in dreams you can just know things?  Well, I saw the knife in his hands and knew that he wasn't mad that I had stabbed him, he was mad that I had foiled his plan because he had planned to murder the girls and then kill himself with the knife.  He wanted things on his terms and he wanted the girls to be forever linked with his name, etc.

That's when I woke up.  At that point in my dream, I knew that I was dreaming and actually started praying in my dream for God to keep that evil away from my mind.  It was crazy.  Quick but crazy.  This is why dreams = bad.  My faith is buried in the hope that someday they'll be normal and nice.  Blah!  How do you stop this kind of thing???

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
That's so scary!! I hate dreams that feel so real even after waking up!!!
Dory Babe =] said…
that is what you call a Nightmare! How horrible :( yikes!