Mean girls

It was kind of a rough evening.  I was at work, yet had a terrible time concentrating because I have been worried about someone I care about.  This person has been bullied and abused by people around her for too long and tonight as I watched the bullies branching out into the reaches of people I care about to hurt and attack, I found myself seeing red.

When people I love are attacked, I defend.

I fiercely defend.

As bad as I felt for unleashing a little bit on these bullies, I still had to take a step back and pat myself on the back because the "old" Veronica would have probably taken off their faces.  My mouth would have pierced and they would have felt it.  I have to say that even at its worst, it wasn't too bad.  I still handled it with some grace.  Mostly because I didn't want my friend to suffer the backlash (that was inevitable, unfortunately).  These people are lucky that I love her so much.  Sincerely lucky.  It's only because of my love & respect for her that I backed down as much as I did, because my instinct was to go after them.  Instead, I backed off & removed myself from the situation.  Definitely progress.

These bullies?  I hope karma finally catches up with them in their sad, mean-girl lives.  I have stood by for too many years and watched them at work & now I'm officially over it.  I have watched them bully, throw temper tantrums, be two-faced and selfish and for the most part I have kept my mouth shut.  No more.  The ties are cut.  They are not MY family and I have no obligation to humor their dysfunctional, abusive crap.  They are the kind of people I have no desire to associate with and don't ever plan to again.  I wish my friend would do the same.  Unfortunately, these people mean more to her than they deserve to mean & she won't walk away.  All I can do is pray for the whole situation because I know that I cannot sit idly by and watch the destruction of my friend.  I cannot and I will not.  They can point their nasty attitudes toward someone who is an easier target because I have officially washed my hands of the whole situation.

xoxo veronica