The year of YES

2016 was a HUGE year for me.With the spiritual awakening I've been going through in the past few years, I have been full of different perspectives.  I see life and approach situations totally differently than I ever have before.  2016, as it turns out, was my "year of yes."

First, let me just say that I didn't even realize I was having a "year of yes" for several months into the year.  I was having lunch with my friend Lauren and we were talking about all of the new chances I was taking and it came to me that that's what I was doing.  And I'm kind of glad that I labeled it that way because then I was accountable to keep it up.  A few times, I started to shrink a little and that same friend would say, "Nu-uh girl.  This is your year of yes.  You can't analyze the yesses.  You just have to say yes to what opportunities come to you."  And she was right.  Isn't it important to have girlfriends around us?  We push each other to have bigger lives.  To really live inside of our lives. 

Anyways, as most of you know, the year started with me making a bold decision to leave Paul (after six years of being together) and move across country back to my home and family.  These were neither easy nor cheap decisions.  But, I knew I wasn't happy and I knew I needed to go where the love was.  

I had NO IDEA how I was going to do this!  Honestly, I was broke.  I added up all of the funds that I would need for a rock-bottom, no frills move and it came to $10,000.  I had been praying about it and knew that I felt peace about going, so I just decided to take the leap.  I made the decision that I was moving and started acting and planning as if I already had the money.  And you know what?  The money came.  

I kept being told that the universe conspires for our happiness.  That's how God created it.  He wants us to be successful!  And once we set our intention on something, He will provide for it unless it is completely not good for you.  Well, this was proven to me in spades.  Checks began arriving in the mail...rebates, refunds from student loans, etc.  When it was all said and done and all the totals added up, know how much I had?  Just about $10,000.  Yep, God moved me home.  If that isn't validation that I was making the right decision, I don't know what else He could have done.

Since I knew I was moving home, I began visualizing and daydreaming about what an awesome life I was going to have.  Get-togethers with my family, little dinner parties, going out to eat with friends, museums, Cedar Point... you get the picture.  Emma and I would talk all the time about what our new life would look like and the things we were going to do.   It was so exciting!  I could see it in my mind and I could feel it in my bones.  Our new life was going to be magic.

One of the barriers to this is that by nature I am an introvert.  See, I know I'm capable of all kinds of things.  Actually, I really don't know that there is anything I couldn't accomplish if I set my mind to it.  But, my problem is inertia.  Once I'm home and comfortable, it can take Heaven and Earth to move me out of the house.  And I don't really like people in my I tend to be alone a lot of the time and I love it that way.  But even though I love it, it's not really good for me.  So, I decided to live in an entirely different way than I have before. 

Once we got here, we dove right in and it's been great.  By saying yes to the opportunities that have come my way I:
  • Moved across country
  • Took a new job someplace that I would normally have turned down because of the long commute, and consequently have been blessed to meet some of the most awesome people I've ever met. They are truly from my tribe.
  • Went to the theater and the orchestra
  • Have gone to lunch and caught up with many friends
  • Gone to some museums (some of them many times)
  • Gone for drives in the country
  • Agreed to go on vacation to another country/continent (although this may be on hold for a little while)
  • Joined a book club
  • Had several family dinners
  • Applied for a job that is well out of my comfort zone.  I didn't get the job because I haven't been in my current position long enough to be allowed to transfer, but at least I didn't turn down the opportunity because I was afraid to try.
  • Traveled out of state to see family. 
  • Went to a painting class with a friend and had a blast.
 That's a pretty good list for one year!  My life feels bigger and more fulfilling than ever before. Sometimes I feel myself starting to slip back into old habits and just wanting to cocoon here at home though.  Really there's nothing wrong with this, but I have to be careful.  All things in balance is the key.  With everything being said and done, I think there is value to this way of thinking.  I like the way it has broadened my horizons and lessened my fear.  I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for me.  Bring it on!

xoxo v.


Allison said…
I love this! I need to learn this lesson too!! For me though, I need to better learn to say yes to more things that add to my life and my soul....and say no to the things that drain me. I tend to say yes far too often to the latter so that I don't have time, energy and desire for the others. Those "others" are the things that I really need!! I definitely need more balance. 2017 needs to be my "Year of Rebalance." :)