We have officially been home for one month now.
This was the first holiday I have gotten to spend with my kids and parents
in almost seven years.

It was so great to be surrounded with the love, affection, and acceptance
that comes from people who love you and know your history.

It is such a different feeling to be surrounded by people who
genuinely care for me and about me.

I never had that with Paul.

I tried to force what was there into that,
but it never was that.

And now I have that again.

My home is peaceful and content; so is my life.

I am loving and surrounded by love.
I have my best interests at heart,
and surround myself with people who do too.
I am beyond excited to be home and know that
this is exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment in time.

Happy Easter 2016.

lurve you, xoxo v.